Fall 2022 CAN Forum Webinar

Ask the Experts

Please send us your questions and we will do our best to get the appropriate expert to respond or address in future webinars.


Nancy Davis, CAN Founder and President
Jodi Barber, Mother/Advocate
Catherine M. Cahill, Ph.D., UCLA
Roger Crystal, CEO, Opiant Pharmaceuticals, Inc
Kelly E. Dunn, Ph.D., Johns Hopkins
Chris Evans, Ph.D., UCLA
Matthew W. Johnson, Ph.D., Johns Hopkins
Adam Kaplin, M.D, Ph.D., MyMD Pharmaceuticals
Paul J. Kenny, Ph.D., Mount Sinai
Deborah C. Mash, Ph.D., UMiami School of Medicine
Courtney Miller, Ph.D., UF Scripps
Kurt Rasmussen, Ph.D., CSO Delix Therapeutics
Jason Wahler, Recovery Advocate